About Us

Hello Class & Polish Fam! Welcome!


Our goal is to work relentlessly to design stately apparel, to create conversation pieces and plant cultured seeds to liberate our black community. To remind us that we can overcome any life circumstance. We can overcome any situation, just do it with a moral compass, class & polish. In a world of basics...be a classic. Our legacies matter!


See the pic below, that is me with my daughter on the passenger side and my granddaughter in the back. I'm doing this for them, to create a legacy. They are my motivation, I strive daily to be the best matriarch of the family that I can be. This is my way, my why!

Our Black community is hurting, there's always something. I always say "If you ain't going through something then you ain't living." I was searching for ways to stand up for what I believe, and reach out to my community to show support and solidarity.

My name is Jeanolee,  I'm a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother and I also have a grand-dog. I am the founder of Class & Polish, our tagline is Controlled Actions = Power. Class & Polish is not only a stately apparel brand but also a lifestyle, a movement! This brand is an extension of me, an extension of us.

Life is great but it hasn't always been this way. I'm a Cleveland, OH native and current NC resident. I dealt with a lot of trauma throughout my life but especially my childhood, front page news situations which led to me being pregnant at 14 years old, dropping out of High School and getting my GED. I was running a single parent household by the time my peers were preparing for prom.

There's a lot that has happened but let's just say I could've written a book by the time I was 15yrs old. One day I will write a memoir and tell the full story behind the brand....however, I overcame it all. I realize that my testimony is the key that can unlock someone's prison.

Class & Polish also represents the heritage instilled in me by my loved ones. When I'd get off track, I'd think of my loved ones that have passed, they always had Class & Polish about themselves.

I raised my daughter to do the same. I instilled in her that she's not only representing herself but me as well when out in the world. We of course now instill this in my granddaughter. We must control our actions, that's true power.

For 20 years I was a "Senior Collection Specialist" (Bill Collector), for 5yrs I was an Expert Business Credit Advisor. During my time in Corporate America, I've impacted thousands of people and entrepreneurs around the world that worked out of their basement or garages all the way to fortune 500 companies.

Then there was the "Straw that broke the camel's back" Corporate America moment. Facing backlash, retaliation for standing and speaking up for myself, racism, jealousy and bullying undertones I was fed up! I'd faced a lot of trauma in my childhood and teenage years and had dug myself out of the barrel I was so deeply buried in. I really worked the hand that I was dealt. So, to my surprise Corporate America seemed to have left me with more anxiety and depression than my past.

I realized that I felt this way for many reasons but mainly because I was sick and tired of building someone else's dreams and not my own. I was sitting in my cubicle on the verge of tears and something said "Pack your things and go home, God will provide." I'm glad that I listened to that voice. I've always known that I am too creative to be sitting in a cubicle. I've always had a plan to tell my story, but then there was God's plan.

Class & Polish is a way for me to tell my story and inspire others just like me. To free us from things that almost broke us. I've always found strength in the midst of my struggles and a way to heal.

If you don’t heal from what hurt you,  you’ll bleed on those that didn't cut you!