About Us

Hello Class & Polish Fam! Welcome!

My name is Jeanolee, Author of God Likes the Sound of Good Times (the story behind the brand). I'm a wife, mother, daughter and grandmother, also the founder of Class & Polish, our tagline is Controlled Actions = Power. Class & Polish is not only a stately apparel brand but a lifestyle, a movement! This brand is an extension of me, an extension of us.

Our community is hurting, there's always something. I always say "If you ain't going through something then you ain't living." I was searching for ways to stand up for what I believe in, and reach out to my community to show support and solidarity.

Class & Polish also represents the heritage instilled in me by my loved ones. As a young lady raising herself, whenever I'd get off track, I'd think of my grandmother's that have passed, they always had Class & Polish about themselves.

Class & Polish is a way for me to tell my story and inspire others just like me. To free us from things that almost broke us. I've always found strength in the midst of my struggles and a way to heal.

If you don’t heal from what hurt you,  you’ll bleed on those that didn't cut you!



My daughter, granddaughter and I.